Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Political Depression.

No my dears, I shall not bore you and prattle on endlessly about my gloomy personal life, for this is misery of a entirely different nature. If you haven't noticed, or have been stuck in a cave somewhere for the past two years engrossed in "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo," we have a coalition government. The Conservatives, primarily dominant, and the Liberal Democrats, effectively a prison bitch for want of a better term. First time voters like myself, bright eyed and bushy tailed, left-wing, but somewhat bored with the actions of Chairman Brown, decided to vote for the Lib Dems. Hey, we all knew they seemed the best option. But then of course, we don't really need to go into what happened next. Clegg broke his promises, and any chance of the Lib Dems being an electable force vanished pretty much forever. I imagine if Gary Glitter decided to put forward a leadership challenge, he'd more popular with the public than Clegg is now. Nearly two years later, my wide eyed political glee has somewhat soured. It was inconceivable to me in the past to see a government, so callous, so mean-spirited, so utterly selfish to the needs of its people. The NHS 'reform' bill, which will do nothing more but dismantle what I and millions hold dear. The benefit reforms, which have led to some disabled people committing suicide, terrified that they won't be able to live above the poverty line. The sneaking, insurmountable tide of privatisations, neo-liberalism, faux-nationalism, and other countless, vile, fiendish things. The mounting, seething, flow of misery and austerity just consumed everything to me that previously I had thought "That'll be there forever". It makes me feel there is no future, no hope for politics. It makes me want to leave this country to sink into the sea. If this metaphorical tide of despair could be personified I'd probably go for Micky Flanagan's face rendered in pus-filled buboes.
My somewhat shattered political hopes, combining with that of the governments and the popular media's attitude to growing political protest, which seems to be half "LALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" & half that we are all angry Dave Spart types from Private Eye too blinded by our left-wing shoutiness to actually make any difference. It makes me disappointed, and it makes me depressed, that the government is effectively a selfish group of individualists running the country for their own merit. That popular protest and suggesting austerity is not the answer is met with snorts of disgust and indignation from most quarters. That the political opposition in parliament for the most part is gutless, witless and endlessly tedious. I have no real hope left today in modern British politics. There is not much point to any of it. It's sometimes difficult to reconcile ones mind to how mean and cruel the government really are. It's as though they're just being bastardly for the sake of it, like some sort of moustachio'd, maniacal panto villain, drowning puppies and throwing orphans on the fire to keep warm. I bet Cameron starts salivating with glee when he hears of the next round of spending cuts. It's just miserable, honestly. So overall, I have decided not to reconcile myself with the system, no, no, no. Instead, get angry and make it as difficult for them as possible to do what they do.

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